Saturday, February 16, 2013

Twenty Months!!!

Rachel you are twenty months old!
(Or will be officially tomorrow.)

I'm going to write this letter to you a little differently because you just aren't changing as much. I haven't weighed you in awhile so I really should go and do that soon. You are definitely becoming your own little person with a hilarious personality! You make us laugh so much.
(Yes, the picture on the right is in the bathroom 
because Rachel insisted I take one of her in there!)
You are still a great sleeper and eater. You like to drink your bottle by yourself and then you go in your bed. Lately you've been putting Funny Bunny right over your face so we tuck you in and all we see is Funny Bunny peeking out over the blankets. It's so funny! You love Funny Bunny and Funky Monkey, as Daddy named him. You especially like to hug them.
You are definitely becoming opinionated about food. You like to feed yourself your yogurt in the morning and you are just a mess afterwards! But you are so pleased with yourself. You also like to feed yourself other things too. And you stand at the fridge and yell and then when I open it, you take out your own water. I think you like feeling independent.
You have REALLY started talking more this month and you are so much more willing to try and say words. You say, "Daddy" really clearly, and "bye", "hi", "baby", "happy" and just yesterday you started saying "please." Daddy thinks you do "Baa", "Neigh" and "Moo" as well but you won't demonstrate them for me! You learned to nod your head "Yes" this month too and that has been so helpful. You've been shaking it for "no" for ages but learning "yes" has been a huge step. I feel like by next month you will have so many words we can't even count them!
You love to brush your teeth, crawl up the stairs at a moment's notice, do whatever Sam is doing, and laugh. You also like to pretend to burp and do the actions to "If You're Happy and You Know It." The fake burping really makes us laugh. You also get really mad when we drop Sam off at preschool and I won't let you take off your jacket and wash your hands. The other day you took your jacket off on your own and stuffed it into a cubby! You also like to stand on the futon and look out the window to see if Daddy is coming home. You get into everything which is sometimes a pain! You pull things off my desk, the counter and the top shelves of the toys in the dining room. We're glad you're so active but it's hard to always try and keep things out of your reach.
You are growing so quickly Miss Rachel. Here you are yesterday and last February at eight months. It's hard to believe you are the same kid. We love you so much.


  1. Awww, I think Miss Rachel is just a cute, spunky, and fun little girl! I sure hope Miss Mattie has a favorite bunny to sleep with! I have to pull out some of my old ones for her. We did buy her a pink bunny silky blankie that Brody has tried to take a few times. It is amazing to see those comparison shots of them to see how much they have grown and changed in a year. I think she looks more like Sam now than she did then, don't you? May be the hair?

  2. She is adorable. I love the watermelon shirt. You're going to be planning a second birthday party so soon|!

    1. Thank you! The watermelon shirt was a gift and I love it! And about the second birthday -- I know! I can't believe it. I just have to figure out Sam's first since he's at the end of March but I have some ideas floating around in my head for Miss Rachel.


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