Monday, February 04, 2013

Still Some Kinks To Work Out

We had more snow today, which, in general, makes me happy. I like having four distinct seasons and the warm weather and rain of last week just felt too weird to me. I worry about global warming and so knowing that we will have had quite the winter this year, in some sense, is somewhat reassuring. On the other hand I know there is a lot more work to be done on global warming but that a whole 'nother post. (Which I will probably never write because I don't really want to.) Of course, there's also the part of me that is HIGHLY envious of the people who get to travel to warmer places while I'm stuck here in the cold and shoveling snow every day. (And I realize that some of the people who read this are dealing with much colder temperatures and more snow than us -- Hello Edmonton and Saskatchewan friends!) Anyways...
While I was shoveling today I was trying to figure out how to turn it into a fun blog post and I had this whole thing planned in my mind trying to sell you all on how shoveling snow is better than joining a gym! It gets you awesome arm muscles! And it's free*! So I had this all planned out in my mind how it was going to be an exercise revolution. (Side benefit for me: I wouldn't have to shovel any more snow this winter. Yay!) But then...
Yep, there's always a "but then..." and this one started when I got hit with a massive headache this afternoon, which is just starting to abate. I am putting it down to all the snow shoveling and the muscles in my shoulders revolting, causing me neck and head pain. I slept all afternoon and am heading back to bed shortly. Poor Rachel even had to crawl up the stairs on her own, holding her bottle, because I was in too much pain to carry her up. And Sam had way more than his daily recommended dose of iPad time this afternoon because I was asleep and could have cared less what he was doing (pretty much).

Just two of the piles of snow I have shoveled since Friday.
All this white stuff has to go somewhere. 
So before I tout the benefits of this wonderful arm muscle building plan, I have to work out some of the wrinkles. And find a masseuse who is willing to come on board. Until then, I'm going back to bed.

(*Cost of flight to our house not included.)


  1. Just send a little of that snow down here to us and quit hogging it all! Man, you are so stingy sometimes! Hehe!

  2. Ugh! I had a massive headache last night...and had no migraine medicine to take...I feel your pain. Hah. Not funny, I know.
    And sometimes Kate just WAAAAAYYY goes over the recommended minutes of screen time recommended by Parents Magazine...but I figure half of the editors of those magazines don't even have children.
    And how terrible of you to make your baby carry her own bottle. You know you are supposed to wait on her hand and foot for your whole life...
    You make me laugh :)

    1. I didn't have a migraine thankfully and I'm hoping yours went away quickly. Migraines suck :(

      And yeah, some days Sam doesn't have any screen time and other days it feels like 90% of his time is in front of some sort of screen (iPad, watching a DVD, his toy computer -- even his digital camera has games on it). I just hope it all evens out to not that much a day! Ha ha ha!

      And yeah, no waiting hand and foot on Rachel. The other day she even had to get her own lunch out of the fridge. I'm hoping to teach them both total independence by the time they're five -- then they're on their own! :)

      And you make me laugh too so I'm glad I can return the favour :)


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