Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pancake Tuesday Sunday

We kind of missed the boat on Pancake Tuesday but we made up for it this morning. Part of the reason we were able to have a lazy morning at home is because, at the last minute (literally four hours before we were going to leave), our weekend plans of a road trip to go to a wedding got cancelled. The friends we were going to be traveling with got sick and Dave and I decided an eight hour road trip, on our own, with our kids, was not going to be a pleasant experience. So instead we had an unexpected weekend at home with nothing planned.

Yesterday I got to go to a Zumba class (FINALLY!), get new winter boots and catch up on a bunch of Bible Study homework. Last night we had a family movie night with popcorn and family-cuddle time on the couch. Since I was on the bottom the family-cuddle time was not as cozy as it sounds! This morning we all got to sleep in and Dave and Sam got to make pancakes. Yay for free time! And Dave took lots of pictures so I wanted to share them with you.
Statue of Liberty Rachel!
Sam was sad I was taking a picture of his "S", "A", "M" pancakes which Dave made for him. Then he cheered up.
Dave's artistic picture of me NOT eating pancakes. I'm really not a breakfast food person and sometimes I just opt out. I did enjoy my coffee-hot chocolate though! And Sam insisted that Dave and I take self-portraits of ourselves and this is the only picture of Dave from this morning so I HAD to use it. (Dave hates self-portrait pictures so it always makes me laugh when he actually takes one!)
Here, have a pancake! And Miss Rachel, post blueberry-chocolate chip-pancake with syrup eating! She was a mess! Hahaha!


  1. Look at that pancake face! I love pancakes...chocolate chip are my fav although plain and smeared with peanut butter is good too! I taught my husband to appreciate that one. I love your husband's creative "SAM" pancakes. That took skill. I always make Eddie do the pancakes because he just does it so well. :-)

  2. My 3 girls and I all giggled at the messy baby pictures. =)

    1. They make me laugh too! I'm glad we could provide some entertainment for you.

  3. There's nothing cuter than baby food messes. Seriously!

  4. It was for the best that you didn't travel... we got caught in a 2 hour traffic jam/detour due to an accident on the 4.0.1. on the way home on Monday. :(


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