Wednesday, February 27, 2013

One. Last. Valentine's. Gasp... And The Lie

I figure since it's still February (for one more day!), and I just took our Valentine's tablecloth off the table, I can do a last post about Valentine's Day. Dave and I have an agreement that he does not buy me flowers before, or on, Valentine's Day because, even though I LOVE flowers, the inflated prices are crazy and we don't want to support that. So the Saturday after Valentine's, Dave bought me a bouquet of lilies. And I have loved watching them open and change. Here they are the day Dave bought them.
Then this past Friday I took a couple of more pictures, including my favourite one (I think!). I just love the 'macro setting' on our new camera.
Today, some of the flowers were starting to lose their petals so I re-cut the stems, cut off the dying blooms and rearranged them. This is what they look like today.
I love how they started out such a deep purple and now they are more pink-y. But as the flowers get older they start going deep purple again. There are still five buds on these stems which could potentially open so it's possible I could get another week of enjoyment out of them. Flowers just make my heart sing.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for, the lie from yesterday's post. And just to let you know Dave guessed that the answer was either 5 or 6 which were both true. Ha!

Sadly, #4 -- the intense ice scraping -- was all true. And so because we had to get it done, or pay up to a $500 fine, we shortened our evening errands considerably. We had to hit Wal-Mart because we had to get two ice scrapers to aid us in our task. Since we were so close to Costco anyways we did that stop too. Dave dropped me off and went to find a parking spot. I was a little (a lot?!) rude and practically ran the whole way inside the store. By the time Dave had parked, gotten the kids out of the car and into the store, I had picked everything up and we were ready to pay. So I took the kids back out and Dave paid and we were gone, just a short fifteen minutes after we pulled into the parking lot. As I said to Dave, "I made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't even glance at the clothes."

Thus, thanks to the ice scraping and general "laundry takes forever to finish", number 3 is the lie. I really would declare a national holiday if our laundry was completely finished in one day. It would be nothing short of a minor miracle and cause for a huge celebration. And since so many of you guessed Number 3, I'm thinking you either know me really well or you can relate to the never-ending laundry tasks! (And I super-surprised that Dave didn't get it right because he asked me if I needed him to bring the basket of clean, unfolded, laundry upstairs yesterday morning! Ha!)


  1. I love flowers too, but I always tell my husband not to buy them either. =) I love how they are still so pretty. The thing about laundry is, it's never really done. I had all empty laundry baskets 2 days, they are all full again. It never stops.

    1. I think I almost get more joy from picking out my own flowers! But I really did love these ones. And yes, I did laundry yesterday and still have to fold a couple of baskets and put it all away and I could easily do another load or two today. It really never ends. And I'll probably miss it horribly when it does :)


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