Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feeling Legitimately Drained

22) Try to give blood again.
     (I have tried to give blood before but my hemoglobin is usually too low. That's no excuse and I should really try again.)
 Done February 20

I'm quite excited about the fact I did this successfully last night -- only the second time in my life I've actually given blood. The first time was in December of 2001. I have another appointment booked for April 17. And sorry about the potentially graphic picture -- Dave took it so blame him! Also I have Day 3 hair because of a looooong, "comedy-of-errors", major parenting fail, story...

So on Monday night Sam was having a bath, Rachel was going back and forth between her room, Sam's room and the bathroom and I was playing a game on the iPad in the hallway which was between all three rooms. Rachel was talking to Sam in the bathroom when I suddenly heard a very loud splash. I ran into the bathroom (two steps away) and Rachel was crying and struggling to sit up in the tub. She had done a head dive in fully clothed.

I hauled her out, yelled for Dave and we stripped off her wet heavy sweatpants and sweatshirt and got her dried off and calmed down. I hung her clothes over the shower curtain rod  to dry. And then not three minutes later the rod came crashing down on my and Sam's heads. OWWWW! And it has fallen no less than five times since then. I am refusing to shower until A) We get a new one or B) It stays up for longer than twelve hours without issues (which it has almost reached.) Therefore I have Day 3 hair today. Better that than the rod falling on me while I'm showering, knocking me unconscious and completely soaking the bathroom. At least that's my opinion.

And I have vowed never ever to play on the iPad again while Rachel is visiting the bathroom while Sam is in the bath.

And that's life at our house these days! Never a dull moment. 

Edited to add: I showered this morning and the shower curtain rod stayed up. It felt like a minor victory!


  1. Yay for giving blood! I almost always get rejected for low iron. Boo. It's spend 30 min there, waiting & filling out forms, only to get shot down? Depressing.

  2. Good job on giving blood! I have tried three times and passed out every time. (Once after, the other two times before.) I have officially given up, but my dad gives as often as they will let him, so maybe he does enough for me? ha

  3. The joys of parenting :) it seems it's rare that just ONE thing go wrong; always has to be multiple things!

  4. Yep, I admire you for giving blood. I have iron deficiency problems, but mostly, I am just scared because I almost pass out when I am just getting blood drawn at the doctor. Just the thought makes me weak. I know, I am a weakling. *Sigh* That story was hilarious! Luckily our tub and shower in our bathroom are separate so there is no shower rod to contend with. Evan has actually started taking showers now and loves it so Brody gets the bath all to himself. I need to post about Brody's recent bathtub antics. He doesn't even need toys. He just loves lying the water and kicking splashing, putting his head in the water, etc. He is the "strangest" baby I've ever seen. Haha!

  5. Lincoln and Rachel could be best friends. Kate was in the bath yesterday morning (he was out and already dressed) when he also decided to go swimming fully clothed! Silly babies!
    I l-o-v-e-d Bringing Up Bebe! I've been trying some of their ideas about eating (vegetables while she is waiting for me to fix her lunch/dinner, limited snacks, etc) and I've been impressed with the results. (Now granted, some days I just give up and hand over the goldfish crackers :)
    There is another book called "French Kids Eat Anything" that I am contemplating reading next.

    1. It's comforting to know it's not just my kids who do silly things like falling into tubs with their clothes on!

      And I'm glad you liked Bringing Up Bebe. I'm impressed that you're changing your routine because of it. I just felt affirmed in what I was (mostly) already doing. Changing things up is even more committed and Yay! that it's working for you. But yeah, some days we're all about the alphabet pretzels and goldfish here too!


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