Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Weekend Randoms

So here are some random pictures from our weekend to give you an idea of what else we were up to besides church and missing concerts and watching movies.

First of all, Sam peed on the potty at preschool (first time ever not using our potty at home) and got an airplane stamp! Whoo hoo!!! (You can see it very faintly on his right forearm. I probably should have taken a picture of it BEFORE his bath. Oh well.)
Sam and I shoveled snow on Saturday. And on Friday. Twice. I just wish Sam would make his snow piles somewhere other than in the middle of the freshly shoveled sidewalk...
Sam enjoyed his Smarties, his "hopefully this makes up for you missing your first ever symphony concert" treat.
Miss Rachel was highly entertained in her crib by an empty spinach container. Whatever floats your boat, kiddo.
Sam wanted me to take a picture of his cheek (on the left) and his ear (on the right). Whatever did we do before digital cameras came along???
Dave went and enjoyed his birthday present with Tim (nachos, beer and watching Seinfeld) while Janice came over with Tessa and Willem. We ate supper together and talked and Tessa and Willem entertained Sam with the iPad. Yay! Sam decided to wear his sweater but not put his arms through the sleeves. And have the one sleeve dangling right in front. And he kept it like that for THREE HOURS people. Where do my children get these idiosyncrasies?!?! (See Rachel and the spinach container above for further reflection.)
We went to a un-surprise un-birthday for a friend on Friday night. (Her birthday was in August and it was supposed to be a surprise but the surprise aspect got ruined fairly quickly, thus the strange event name!) Rachel decided she didn't get enough cake and helped herself to more, thus the finger marks in the piece on the upper right hand corner. I was half embarrassed and half dying of laughter. She's an ingenious one, she is!
And that's some more of what we did this weekend? What did you do?


  1. Rachel and Catherine would get along well, I think. Catherine is never as happy as when she can go through the recycle bin!

  2. A Spinach Container? I am giving one to Lincoln immediately tomorrow! My vote is for anything that keeps them occupied for 5 minutes while I at least put contacts in in the morning! :)

    1. Definitely get one! It was a miracle-worker on Saturday :) And yeah, I've started locking Rachel out of the bathroom when I'm in there because she is into EVERYTHING. sigh.


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