Wednesday, February 06, 2013

My Little Yogurt Monster

Rachel has started feeding herself her morning yogurt. It's quite the sight to see, especially once she's done. I'm trying to convince myself that the extra fifteen minutes I gain in not feeding her is worth the extra five minutes I spend in cleaning her (and the chair and the floor and...) up afterwards. I've decided that it probably is worth it. Most days. (And I realize these pictures don't really do the mess justice. Next time I'll let her go to town on blueberry yogurt. And by "next time" I mean "On the weekend when Dave is home!")


  1. You are braver than I. Brody loves using a fork and has the stabbing motion down, but he is not so good with a spoon. Ha!

  2. My kid's love yogurt. Jackson was always such a neat kid when it came to food and feeding himself. Ava however, is ready to feed herself at 6 months and she is MESSY!


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