Wednesday, February 29, 2012

An Extra Day

So today is February 29, a leap day. And what did we do on our extra day this year? It's best described in pictures so sit back and enjoy. Or whatever :)

Rachel was dressed and ready to go to Kindermusik,
so she sat and played while Sam and I got ready.

We had to stop at Wal-Mart to buy exciting things like
diapers, baby laundry detergent and puffs for Rachel.

Sam checked out the mailboxes outside of Kindermusik.

Sam and Rachel enjoying lunch.

Sam just wanted to play a lot today, so he did!

His latest play involves moving the couch cushions to make
"a train track" for all his many trains.
(When I read this caption to Sam he said, "There's a road beside the train track for Bertie [the bus]." Good to know!)

In between contacting A LOT of moving companies for quotes,
I did a lot of dishes.

Rachel swung while I did dishes and made her some food.

Sam and Rachel had a pre-dinner snack.

Rachel had a bath and sat all on her own.
(With many hands nearby to catch her if she fell.)

Dave and I did a work-out video and Sam joined in at random times.
It was pretty funny actually!
It turned out to be a pretty busy day actually. I think we made good use of our extra 24 hours this year :)

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