Friday, February 10, 2012

What We've Done Today -- For Dave: Part 6

Well last night Miss Rachel and I slept from 9-2 and then from 2-6 so I feel much better today. I had to go to the University Health Clinic for a quick appointment this morning so I took the bus in and Mom and Dad got Sam and Rachel ready to go to gymnastics. My appointment went fine and I came home quite quickly. However Miss Rachel was a grump and didn't go down for nap until 10 so Mom stayed home with her and Dad and I took Sam to his first gymnastics class. Oh boy...

Marcia, Sheri and Jenelle all did gymnastics with their kids in December-January and I had gone back and forth on whether or not I would do it with Sam this term and pretty much decided not to. But then all three of them 1) signed up again and 2) were willing to move to Fridays so Sam and I could join them. So we did. Sam spent most of yesterday running wild and refusing to do anything he was supposed to do so we'll see how it goes. He was a little better towards the end of the class. I think he was just super-excited. And when we got home he was able to demonstrate a stork stand, a stop jump and a star jump to Mom so I think he did get something out of it :) We'll see how the next seven weeks go!

In the afternoon Mom and I left Dad, Sam and Rachel to their own devices and we went to get a pedicure. This was Mom's treat to me and it was probably the most relaxed hour I've had in the past two weeks. It was awesome!!!

Here's Mom trying to get heat and massage on her chair. They were complicated chairs to figure out, but well worth it once we had them going.

And here are my feet soaking, and after they were finished. I chose Mermaid's Tears for nail polish and a second coat of blue sparkles. My feet are soooo pretty!

Afterwards Mom and I did a few errands and then we came home and Sam and Rachel had slept the entire time we were gone. Figures!

While we were out Mom had mentioned that she wished she hadn't thrown all her nail polish away when they moved and I said I had some of it so I gave her a whole bunch I've either never used or don't use anymore. She painted one colour on each finger nail to try and decide which she liked best and Sam wanted some on his toes, like me and Mom. So after supper, Mom gave Sam a pedicure with his favourite colour!

Sam was so proud of his toes and here are Sam, me and Mom showing off our lovely toes!

Then Sam wanted to try the heel scrubber I bought for Mom so he tried it out on Mom, me and Dad. It was pretty hilarious!

Now I'm off to bed with Rachel again and Mom and Dad will put Sam to bed. We'll see how much sleep I get tonight. Miss Rachel finally started eating well again at supper. She ate about 3/4 of a banana. Whew!

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