Monday, February 06, 2012

What We've Done Today -- For Dave: Part 2

So today was an at home day. Miss Rachel slept from 10:30pm - 5:30am so I got almost seven hours of sleep. I felt so much more rested today. I worked A LOT on my list from the whiteboard. I felt like I never really had time to relax all day but I got almost everything done. Sam played and played and played and Rachel hung out in the bouncy seat for a long time this morning and then the swing for a long time this afternoon. Yay! And she and Sam even played together in the living room for awhile during which I did dishes.

One of the things I got done was using some vintage type stationary I had to cover a cardboard box (see lower right of the photo) to help organize Rachel's toys a bit better in the living room. I also have plans to cover another cardboard box in tissue paper to put on the shelf under her change table. I moved some of Sam's toys to his bedroom and just made a bit more space.

Rachel started freaking out about two hours after her morning nap, and though I usually wait a little longer to put her down, I tried putting her down for a nap and she fell asleep almost instantly and slept for two hours. She must have been tired today.

And Sam didn't sleep but he did have some quiet time, until Oma and Opa arrived. We had a snack of egg salad sandwiches and banana bread and then we went to the library and to Laurel's for more flowers. I got ranunculus and they are really pretty.

Mom made supper of sausage, potatoes, beans, corn and Ceasar salad and Dad fed Miss Rachel and played with Sam. He even helped Sam learn how to flip!

After supper, of which I ate three complete helpings!, Opa gave Sam a bath and put him to bed, Oma did dishes and I folded laundry. Rachel sat in her exersaucer for almost an hour and a half just being entertained by all the shenanigans of bath-time and dishes!

Then Oma fed Rachel applesauce and cereal and I put laundry away.

After Miss Rachel was in bed I sat down to menu plan and make a grocery list for Save-On Tuesday tomorrow morning. This is what menu-planning and grocery list making for an entire month looks like:

Mom and Dad relaxed in the living room, although I don't know where Mom went in this picture! And to the right of this picture you can see two more Rubber-Maid bins of clothes which Mom and Dad brought with them. 12 month sizes for Miss Rachel and 3T sizes for Sam. Yerghks :()

And now that I'm done this blog post, and my whiteboard list for today looks like this...

...I am headed off to bed. Good night!

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