Tuesday, February 07, 2012

What We've Done Today -- For Dave: Part 3

Today was not only Tuesday, it was the first Tuesday of the month which means that at 6:45am I was out the door on the way to Save-On. Here's a picture of my cart when I was done one page of my two page list!

Then it was home to unpack groceries, have a quick chat with Dave, eat breakfast and by 9:20 the kids and I were out the door on the way to New Mom's Group. Have I mentioned before how much I. LOVE. OUR. CHARIOT!?!?!?!? Love it. Love it. Love it. Pushing it through the not-so-shoveled sidewalks was no big deal, into the ravine was no problem, up hills I could still basically push one-handed. It was AWESOME!!!

Here is Miss Rachel at New Mom's. She basically hung out while The Bigs did chocolate pudding finger painting.
Sam seemed to get into it after a slight hesitation.

By the end he had discovered that he could eat the pudding too, thus resulting in this happy, chocolate covered face :)

Then it was home for a long nap from both kids. I said to Mom and Dad that if I tried to sleep Rachel would wake up in 20 minutes and if I stayed awake she would sleep for two hours. Well I stayed awake and Rachel slept for two and a half hours! And Sam slept for a full two hours and that was after both kids conked out about ten minutes into the walk home.

Tonight we went to Tropika with Kim, Jacqui, Seth and Alliah. It was soooo good and Sam ate a ton. Rachel tried to reach everything on the table and managed to grab a few grains of Mom's rice. Then she was happy sitting in a high chair and eating a mummum. When we got home Rachel went down to sleep, after an... interesting... kiwi-oatmeal eating snack, and Sam read Richard Scarry on the couch with Opa.

Now, Sam is in bed, Rachel is in bed and I am going to bed. I'm tired after being awake for slightly over fifteen hours and not getting a great stretch of sleep last night. Good night!

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