Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

It used to be that Valentine's Day sucked. I was single and I hated the whole holiday. I had some good Valentine's Days in there but when you're single it's hard to remember that Valentine's is a Hallmark Holiday -- completely made up by someone to make a whole lot of money.

The first few years Dave and I were together we managed to do something slightly romantic. Lovely heart shaped nachos, a night at the Muttart and a specially-shaped cheese-y heart were all quirky romantic things that Dave did for me. (Okay, maybe I never managed to do something romantic! Ha ha ha!)

This year we decided we were too busy and we not going to buy in to needing to be romantic because of some random date. So we may, or may not, celebrate Valentine's Day in March this year! However that is all not to say that there weren't some Valentine's Day happenings in our lives this year.

First of all, Dave's parents send the kids cute Valentine's Day cards. Sam proudly read the envelopes "'S' for Sam, 'R' for Rachel" and assigned each card appropriately. He liked the octopus on his...

...while Rachel appreciated hers in a different way!

I do like how it looks like she is reading her card in this picture!

It was New Mom's today and, after a few delays, we finally got there. And the kids had a blast decorating cookies.
Kelsey, Olivia and Sam stayed at the table for quite a while actually. I think Sam had three cookies! (And that's Fruit to Go on his face, thanks for noticing!)

After New Mom's, which went a lot longer than expected due to a toddler getting sick and another mom and I deciding not to leave the host in the lurch with a sick toddler and two other kids she was babysitting for a short time, I headed off to meet Dave at KHRG where he was doing some work.

I officially handed in my resignation letter, ate some Valentine's treats (mmmm Anita cupcakes! mmmm cheesecake from Ghenette!), and at the last minute decided that supper at home wouldn't work so we headed off to romantic... McDonald's for supper!

Sam really enjoyed his Happy Meal and Rachel enjoyed kicking back with a mummum. Yep, that's how our Valentine's Day rolls around here and that's just how we like it! Happy Valentine's Day everyone :)

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