Sunday, February 26, 2012


So this past Fall I started running. However, I hurt my knee and that ended up not lasting very long.

So then at Christmas, at Mom and Dad's, I got excited about walking on the treadmill. And I thought in January I'm going to start going to the Kinsmen Centre and work out there. I can do a class, I can run on the track, I can even run on a treadmill there. But that also didn't work out. I was too lazy and it was quite expensive and then I didn't make time for it.

So I've been walking as much as I can using our awesome Chariot but on Wednesdays the kids have Kindermusik in Sherwood Park, and on Thursdays is MOPS which is on the other side of Edmonton, and Fridays is gymnastics which is also too far to walk to. I've done a good job of walking to swimming on Mondays (except when I can't go) and Tuesdays (except when New Mom's is at our house) and sometimes we go for a walk on the weekends. But I've still been feeling that my exercise is lacking.

So I decided to get a bunch of workout DVDs from the library. They had the advantage of being 1) free and 2) easy to do at home when I had a few minutes. So finally this past Friday I previewed some of them and picked four to try at home.

Today I did this one:

(Image from here.)
And I have to say I LOVED IT! It's more like an aerobics class than just straight walking and it was about 45 minutes long. Perfect! The only problem is that it was the only DVD I couldn't renew so I had to put a hold on it so I can get it back. Thankfully it should only take a couple of days because I can't wait to be able to do it again!

And I'm not exercising to lose weight; I'm exercising because I want to be a healthier me. And I think that's a good goal.

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