Friday, September 09, 2011

Why we had a date at My Mac Dealer...

So here is Rachel in our bouncy seat for the last time before it went to Jason and Elena.

This morning I went for a jog -- well, okay, a two minute jog-two minute walk kind-of-thing. I did okay except I ran past where I'd entered the ravine on 87th and ended up at the Mill Creek Pool. Oops :)

Then it was the first morning of MOPS. Sam went to the nursery without a peep and Rachel did okay. She started freaking out at the end of mug painting (we're having name mugs this year instead of name tags) so Charlene kindly finished my mug for me.

Tonight Dave and I had date night. We went on a walk to do some errands and Rachel went in the stroller without her car seat. Because the single stroller doesn't hold the car seat all that well. Rachel did really well and was only slight slant-y :)

Because we want music to run to, and because my walkman died who knows how long ago (now we just need to get it out of the house!), we went to My Mac Dealer tonight and ordered an iPod shuffle. It will be the most up-to-date technology we own. Now I have to make my running playlist! Ha ha ha!!!

Then we came home and watched a lot of Friends. Now I'm tired and going to bed.

For comparison sake, here is Rachel in the bouncy seat and Sam in the same bouncy seat.

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