Thursday, September 15, 2011

Blah Days

Yesterday and today were blah days. Sam has been sick with a cold. I have been really tired and Rachel has been fussy. This has not been a good combination :)

Yesterday I took Sam and Rachel to "Sing, Sign, Laugh and Learn" at the library again. Sam wasn't as into it but I think it's because he wasn't feeling great. I only took him because I needed to get out. Then we went to Save-On and Dollarama and by the time I got home I was wiped. Getting home to a tired baby, a hungry and grumpy and tired toddler and being wiped is NOT a good combination.

Thankfully, Dave took both kids out in the evening (to pick up our new iPod shuffle for running) so I got a bit of a break. I made tea, changed our bedding and folded some laundry. Fun times! Rachel's 3-6 months clothes have all been washed and put in her drawers since she is outgrowing her 0-3 month clothing. And Fall is here so she needed lots more warmer clothes. I gave lots of bags to a mom at MOPS this morning. I'm so happy to have the clothes out of our house but so sad to have Rachel outgrow them.

MOPS this morning was awesome! We had a speaker from the MOPS in St Albert and she really encouraged us to "show some crack" (!!!) and admit how mothering really is for us. We had good discussions around our table and I felt a lot of support for how tough I'm finding parenting right now.

Rachel and Sam have both had quite good naps this afternoon and I actually got to finish a book - Yay!!! And tonight is date night so that should be good. I hope.

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