Saturday, September 17, 2011


Today was the first day of Kindermusik for the fall. Saige and Olivia are also in Kindermusik with Sam and Elena and I walked today. It was a bad morning and so Elena wanted to stop at Tim Horton's. I got a coffee/hot chocolate and Timbits for Sam and Elena shared part of her Maple Cinnamon French Toast bagel with me and It. Was. Awesome!!!

Sam was a little shy at first but he quickly got into the swing of things. It was super cute watching him dance :) And Rachel did quite well also. She just sat at the back of the class and watched the whole time.

After Kindermusik we stopped at Save-On. Sam wanted to buy some baby food so I said he could get a couple of jars to donate to the Food Bank. I think he found the whole process intriguing. Then it was time for home and naps.

This evening we went to West Ed Mall because I wanted to get some sweaters and turtlenecks. Sadly there aren't a lot of stores selling sweaters yet but I did find awesome turtleneck sweaters at Mark's. They are similar to my ones from Jacob that died so I was super excited to replace them.

And then we went to Old Navy to look for water bottles and they had the Train shirt for Sam which I wanted to order online last week but it was sold out in his size. Sam was PSYCHED to see it and, to be honest, so was I :)

Skylar, Saige, Rachel and Sam on the way to Kindermusik! We were quite the stroller brigade :)

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