Friday, September 23, 2011

Kindermusik With Saige!

Today was a Kindermusik day! Dave decided to come with so we had quite the procession of strollers and people as we walked with Elena, Skylar and Saige too. We stopped at the Tim's Express at the Esso on the corner of Whyte and 99th and decided it's completely worth it to stop at a real Tim's instead. Lessons learned.

Kindermusik was good and I think Sam enjoyed having Mommy and Daddy there. He also enjoyed his latest choice in footwear -- "a running boot on THIS foot and a running shoe on THAT foot!" If we know he needs to walk a lot then we convince him to choose either both boots or both shoes, depending on the situation. Otherwise we just let him go for it. What's the harm?

After Kindermusik we stopped at Empress because we had to pick up bread and challah. And because it was Elena's first time at the bakery we all got treats. Although neither Dave or I liked ours very much so we've learned that next time we'll just stick to bread :)

Sam and Saige walked home from the bakery so it took us about twenty-five minutes to get home. Oh well, all that was on this afternoon's agenda was naps for everyone :) Now I'm making dinner and Sam, Rachel and Dave are out watching the construction -- it's entertainment for the whole family, I tell you!

Oh yeah, Sam and Saige held hands for a bit as we walked home. It was sooooo super-cute :) When I see Sam holding hands with a girl I just melt!

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