Friday, September 02, 2011

Our "New" House

So we came home after 6 weeks away in Saskatoon because our renovations were done. We just about didn't recognize our house. It got new siding and the grass in the front yard was just about dead from having construction stuff on it for most of the summer.

So in case you come to visit us, this is what our house looks like now:

It looks pretty different, hey?

Also today I walked, with Sam and Rachel in the double stroller, through the ravine to Marcia's house. It took 40 minutes. sigh. But once we got there it was a lot of fun. Rachel, Marcia and I sat on their deck and Sam and Olivia played and played and played -- on the slide, in the garden, and watering plants. It was great to just be outside.

Then we walked home via 76th Ave and 98 St and there was a ton of construction which made it difficult to navigate but Sam loved it. We stopped at Empress for bread (Man! Will I miss that place when we move).

When we got home both Sam and Rachel melted down, crying their heads off for about 7 minutes straight. But we all survived and I didn't even lose it, although it was tempting to just join in the crying too (!), and then Sam had a good nap, I made applesauce and Rachel was happy hanging out in the swing.

Dave and I had date night tonight. We went to O'Byrne's Irish Pub on Whyte and it was awesome! Dave ate a ton of all-you-can-eat-Fish and Chips and I had teriyaki salmon and grilled vegetables. Everyone thought Rachel was adorable. And she was, if I do say so myself :)

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