Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The Past Few Days

Here is just a bit of what's been happening for us the past few days along with some pictures to document! On Sunday night we ("we" being Dave!) BBQd some hamburgers and grilled some veggies. I was so excited to find mini-squash at the market on Saturday. Auntie Alice had brought some to Rebecca and AJs in August and Sam loved them and so did I! So we bought some to grill for us as well. They were delicious!

Monday was a holiday and did I ever get a break!!! Dave let me sleep in with Rachel and we both slept until 11. It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Sam created havoc in the living room (Exhibit A below) and Dave did dishes and folded three loads of laundry. Then Dave cleaned up Sam's havoc (Exhibit B below).

During the afternoon we meal planned for the entire month in anticipation of Save-On Tuesday. That was a little crazy! But we did it. I'm looking forward to our meals this month :) And Monday night we welcomed Gavin David Peters into our circle of friends.

Yesterday morning I woke up, did groceries, showered and made coffee cake, all before 10am. I was hosting New Mom's and it was Save-On Tuesday. Whew! Then no one showed up until 11:10 but they all left around 3 so it was a bit crazy! I put Sam down for nap and read until Dave came home (and nursed Rachel too!). Then he helped me clean up. It was nuts!

In the evening we went to visit Alliah at her library branch -- Whitemud Crossing. It's where I want to take Sam for Time for Twos and where Dave and Rachel will go for Baby and Daddy Time. Rachel also got her library card :) And we, I mean Rachel, took out a bunch of books too!

Sam enjoyed playing with these magnetic boats that made patterns in sand and he really really REALLY did NOT want to leave. When we got home I headed out again, with Rachel, to go pick up food to make for Marcia and Jason today. Going to Save-On twice in one day -- yay!
Last night Rachel slept for NINE hours straight -- woot woot! I woke up at 7am and nursed her and she went back to sleep. I was able to eat breakfast, catch up on some e-mail, and do dishes before I had to wake up Sam. He ate his oatmeal (his newest breakfast obsession) while I read him a book -- one page for every bite. I felt soooo on top of things this morning so I guess I'll have to wake up early every day! Ha ha ha! I'm so not a morning person :)

Then we went to the Strathcona Library for Sing, Sign, Laugh & Learn with Hannah, Stella and Mia. The elevator at the library was broken so we had to lug the strollers up and down the stairs which was loads of fun! And we saw Donna (who was Sam's leader for Baby Laptime) and she gave Rachel her free book for having a library card. We didn't get one last night at Whitemud Crossing and I thought maybe they didn't do that anymore. But they do so Rachel also has her EPL book.

Sam did awesome at doing all the signs and participating! Mia accidentally dropped a book on Rachel's face so I don't think Rachel had as much fun as Sam did :) Although she did seem to be okay with ringing the bells! I will definitely have to take Sam back because he had soooo much fun. And he was super-cute in participating -- dancing and everything.

This afternoon I made coffeecake and stroganoff for Marcia and Jason and then the optical place called and Dave's new glasses were in. So we all went to Marcia and Jason's to drop off food and meet Gavin. Sam mostly played outside with Olivia while Dave, Jason and Jason's parents were with them so Marcia and I had time to talk and I got to hold Gavin. He's soooo cute!

And in talking with Jason's parents we figured out that his dad, Clarence, went to RJC with my dad and that they lived just a few houses down from Uncle Reg and Auntie Myrna in Lumsden. Eva and Clarence gave us some plums from their orchard, and from a plum tree they had bought from Lakeshore. How cool was that? I took the picture below and then sent it to my dad to see if he knew who was holding Rachel. He totally did and was shocked at the connection. It's a very small world sometimes!

Tonight Dave went for a jog and traded bouncy seats with Elena and Jason. Skylar loved our bouncy seat yesterday at New Mom's so we decided to trade seats. The one we have now is way more compact so it's awesome! I put Sam to bed while Dave was out and Rachel put herself to sleep. Tomorrow is the first day of MOPS and I'm going to try and jog before that so I should get to bed now.

Good night!

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