Sunday, September 18, 2011

Scoring on Saturday

Yesterday was a pretty good day! We SCORED in a number of ways :)

First of all, Rachel turned THREE MONTHS OLD yesterday! SCORE!

Also, I got up and went running. Day 5 of running for me and Day 1 with the iPod shuffle. SCORE! It was so much fun to run with music. The only downside was that my running mix is songs with a good beat and so I ran a little faster than I had on previous days.

Then I went to Once Upon A Child with Rachel to look for some pants for Rachel and I walked in the door and saw an awesome Hallowe'en costume for Rachel for $12. SCORE! And I also found some pants for Sam so that was a good thing.

Then I filled the car with gas, and had a frustrating trip to Save-On with Rachel and no cart and having to run back and forth about two times. When I got home we headed to the CS BBQ and Dave drove for the first time since May 5 and his eye surgery! SCORE! SCORE! SCORE! SCORE! SCORE! for both me and Dave!!!

Sam had a blast at the CS BBQ! Sam got a lot of goals playing with his soccer ball. SCORE!

On the way home we stopped at Blockbuster. As witnessed in the picture below, they are going out of business so we got a bunch of DVDs for cheap. Including Notting Hill (new!) for $8. SCORE!

And the cutest little three-year-old girl picked up Sam. They were talking and I heard her ask Sam, "Do you like Tom or Jerry?" and Sam replied, "I like Mamma Mia!" Then she took his hand and they walked around the store looking at DVDs. SCORE!

Then Dave and I came home and cleaned out the guest room closet AND organized the guest room AND brought up more winter clothes AND got rid of lots of stuff. SCORE!

In the evening we just did errands and that was the end of our Scoring Saturday :)

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