Friday, September 23, 2011

Mexican Date Night

So Dave and I had Date Night tonight. We were going to re-live our Vienna experience and go to Continental Treat but we forgot to make a reservation and when we showed up we were told we'd need to wait for an hour and a half! We decided to go to Julio's Barrio instead. It was a good choice!

I ordered a lime virgin margarita and mushroom fajitas. They were sooooo good. I ate four of them :) And the margarita was like more of a lime slushie. I think what I really wanted was a daiquiri!

Dave had chimichangas and one of my fajitas.

We really liked Julio's Barrio except for the fact that it was REALLY loud. And then to make matters worse, this loud group of people sat behind us and one woman was practically screaming the whole time. Somehow Rachel managed to sleep through everything though!

We came home and watched a few episodes of Season 2 of Glee. In one of them, Glee did The Rocky Horror Glee Show and they ended with the song Time Warp. Dave needed to go upstairs so I was singing my own (mostly made up words) to the Time Warp and moving Rachel's arms so she was "dancing" and then Rachel started absolutely giggling! Which of course made me start to laugh and sing the Time Warp about 15 times in a row, both of us laughing up a storm. It was very funny!

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