Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank-you Flowers!

So Teresa, our awesome cleaner and friend, is going back to school next week and thus, dissolving her cleaning business. Sadness :( Hiring her to clean our house last Fall was one of the best decisions we made in terms of our date nights (which we spent cleaning sometimes) and my sanity (especially with being so wiped out by my pregnancy with Rachel). Knowing we didn't need to worry about cleaning our house on top of everything else was soooo awesome.

So of course, when my friends would comment on how keeping their houses clean was stressful, I'd hand them one of Teresa's business cards. And a lot of them hired her too. We all loved Teresa!

Because she's ending her business, and because I made so many recommendations to my friends, Teresa dropped off flowers for me tonight. She got them at the farmer's market and they are awesome. I didn't have a vase big enough for them so I had to divide them into two bouquets and they are sooooooo beautiful. Thanks Teresa! Thanks for the flowers! And thanks for cleaning our house this past year! And thanks for helping us keep sane by cleaning our house :)

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