Saturday, September 03, 2011

Sunny Sunny Saturday

Today we had planned on taking the streetcar to The Leg for a picnic. And the weather cooperated beautifully and we had an AWESOME day! First of all we stopped at the market for picnic food. The cauliflower below was so amazing that I had to take a picture of it. Hopefully in a couple of weeks we can make it back to market and buy some. And navigating the market with our double stroller was not near as scary as I anticipated.

We were planning on catching the streetcar at 11:40 but we made it through market so quickly we caught the 11:00 one. Below is a community garden-- I think the streetcar guide said it is the biggest one in Edmonton.

Below are Sam and I on the streetcar. Fortunately, on the way there, we didn't have to fold up the stroller as there was quite a bit of room.

The view as you cross the river is amazing. You can see forever and it's so cool to go over the river. Sam was having a blast when we crossed it, looking at everything.

When we got to The Leg we decided to eat by the fountain and reflecting pool, rather than on the grass as it had rained the night before. We ate by this lovely fountain. Sam thought the water was being a mountain!

One of my favourite things about the market is all the fresh produce and amazing dips! We had fresh tomatoes (orange like Sam wanted as opposed to red ones), blackberries, guacamole, asiago cheese and spinach dip, and fresh pitas. Yum yum yum!

We ate near this statue which was commemorating Ukrainian settlers in Alberta.

Sam really liked the freedom to run all over the place! There was hardly anyone around so it was really nice and open. Rachel, on the other hand, liked wearing Sam's sunglasses (sort of!) since it was so bright and sunny out :)

After awhile Sam got tired of running around and wanted to ride on Dave's shoulders -- Sam's preferred method of transportation lately!

At noon the bells started ringing for twelve o'clock and then they played some other songs too. They played Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head and two others that we couldn't place. Sam LOVED that! We also discovered the periscope which allows light into the pedway below it and also gives one different views of The Leg.

I loved all the flowers, such as the huge canna lily I am standing next to below, and the Lois Hole Memorial Garden which is planted with perennials and is really peaceful.

Rachel liked hanging out with me after she got her diaper changed! We spread out the sheet on the grass and lay around for awhile while Sam ran and ran and ran. And lost his pants! They kept falling down and at one point he just wanted to take them off but we said No because the police might come and talk to him if he had no pants. So the next time his pants fell down he yelled, "Where are the police?" and Dave and I lost it! Ha ha ha!!! :)

Then we went to catch the street car again. This time we had to fold up the stroller and it was a lot more hectic to get off and on. But we managed it.

Rachel was mostly asleep for her first ride but she was awake for the return trip. And Sam looked sooo big, sitting on his own seat and looking out the window.

And for interest's sake here are Rachel and Dave, and Sam and Dave, by the streetcar on each of their first rides!

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