Thursday, February 09, 2012

What We've Done Today -- For Dave: Part 5

So mainly yesterday we went to Kindermusik where each Sam and Rachel had their own grown-up instead of having to share Mommy. I spent most of the class with Gavin so Olivia had her mommy to herself as well, except at the end when Marcia and I traded because Gavin needed to go to sleep.

Then Sam needed a haircut so it was off to Beaners. He was a little uncooperative at first but the promise of a Thomas video fixed that pretty quickly. I also found a cute ladybug clip holder for Miss Rachel and a sweet white flower headband. Yay!

Then it was home for lunch, making banana muffins and naps, although Sam did not nap AT ALL and talked to himself for an hour and a half straight. Finally he was yelling to come out and Mom was in the middle of a story so I told him to wait a minute and when I went in to get him, five minutes later, he was asleep. So he slept until 5:15 when we had supper.

In the evening we went to Jason and Marcia's for coffee because Jason's dad and my dad went to high school together. As you can tell from yesterday's post, Rachel and Gavin hung out and Sam and Olivia had a ton of fun.

Today was MOPS where Rachel spent the whole two hours in the nursery -- Yay! Yay! Yay! Then we went to Back Home Fish 'N Chips for lunch. Yum yum yum! Miss Rachel has not been eating much lately (I think she's teething) but was mostly happy in her high chair, until she wasn't! I love how I caught her waving at the camera -- she doesn't actually wave but she moves her arms and sometimes, randomly waves :)

Sam ate an entire piece of fish, with Opa's help in feeding it to him, and had a good time!

Miss Rachel being swung by Oma.

Then we came home and I sung 43 verses of "99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall" to get Sam to sleep. He wanted a counting lullaby and I was tired and it was the only one I could think of. Then Dad used an "interesting technique" to give Rachel a bath. I don't she liked it very much! Ha ha ha!

We had supper and then Sam used an "interesting technique" to keep water out of his eyes while I rinsed his hair. Ha ha ha!!!

I was so tired today that Mom told me to go to bed when Rachel did and they would deal with Sam. Well Miss Rachel got hyper with Mom lying on our bed at 7:30 and laughed and talked and rolled around so eventually I put her in Sam's bed. Hopefully she goes to bed soon so I can but we'll see...

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