Friday, February 17, 2012

Eight Months!

Rachel you are eight months old!
That means you are 2/3 of a year old.
This time is going way too fast.

You are now in size 2 diapers and 6-12 month clothes. Although some of them are still a little big on you, the 3-6 month stuff was too small. You are also in 9 month sleepers. You only weigh 14 pounds, 4 ounces and, according to the health nurse today, you are 25 1/2" long. I think sometimes they don't measure properly. Or maybe Mommy doesn't because in your seven month post I thought you were 25 3/4" long!

You still aren't a good sleeper, although you have given us a couple of five hour stretches this month. Most of the time you still want to wake up and nurse after two hours, three if we're lucky. You sleep pretty well in the bassinet, but don't really like being put down. You still cry for a bit when you first go from Mommy's (or Daddy's) arms to the bassinet. You are just too social! Your first nap of the day is still about two hours after you wake up. And you usually take a pretty good afternoon nap, especially when Mommy doesn't nap :) You have started coordinating your afternoon nap with Sam's and I love that!!! Keep it up!

Last night you got your third tooth so maybe you'll start sleeping better now. I hope so!

You are a pretty good eater and eat a wide variety of food. You have started eating about 3/4 of a banana for breakfast and then 3-4 cubes of food, usually a protein, a veggie and a couple of fruits, for lunch and supper. You have eaten tofu and yogurt new this month, as well as some other things I'm forgetting about. You weren't so sure about the yogurt so we'll have to try again later. You also ate mummums this month which is exciting because you can eat them by yourself! Although most of the time they end up stuck to you everywhere except in your mouth :) Ha ha ha!

You also took a bottle for the first time this month. You hated formula but did pretty well with pumped breastmilk. Yay! We also tried some cow's milk but you weren't as happy with that so we'll try again next month, maybe.

You also stayed away from Mommy and Daddy a few times this month. You stayed with Auntie Jenelle and Uncle Daniel and cried for an hour and a half straight. But then you stayed with Auntie Tasha for five hours and did just fine. And she even put you to bed. You also have gone to the nursery at MOPS a few times and once at Auntie Marcia's church. I kept expecting your nursery number to come on screen but it never did -- Yay!

You started to sit this month and that is HUGE! You love to sit and play with toys or just look around. And it looks like you are waving in the picture above but that is just random :) Being able to sit you down somewhere is so nice.

You still don't have recognizable words but you talk a lot! And when you get excited you yell and screech. It's hilarious :) You are so emphatic! When you get excited, if you're lying down, you wave your arms around and hit yourself. You also like to pull your socks off and chew on them. They get SOAKED and we have to change them. You hold them in your mouth, sometimes, and wave your head around and you look like a puppy. It makes Mommy laugh.

You also like to twist and turn your hands and you look like a dancer. You have been doing this for awhile but I keep forgetting to write about it :) You also started Kindermusik (Family Time) this month and you are really starting to get into it, talking and smiling so big.

You still adore your big brother Sam and he can do almost anything to you and you just laugh and smile. I love watching the two of you play together. It just makes me laugh.

Happy Eight Month Birthday Rachel!
We love you!

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