Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Few Things To Remember

So a few things have happened over the past week which I haven't had a chance to blog about. I thought I would take this opportunity to do so.

Last week, we had Tevan and Naden on Tuesday. I offered to host New Mom's that day and only Marcia came. It was fun anyway and Dave ended up hanging out with us.

On Wednesday Dave came to Kindermusik (he had Reading Week last week) with us. I think Sam and Rachel enjoyed having Daddy there!

After Kindermusik we crashed Marcia, Olivia, Gavin and their Nana Peters' brunch at Cora's by pre-arranged permission! It was soooo good! Thanks Marcia for introducing us to a new restaurant.

Sam and Olivia shared a fruit cocktail which they both loved!

The fruit cocktail and Dave being excited about his 10 Star omelette.

My omelette also looked (and tasted) really good!

Rachel and Gavin enjoyed their lunch date too :)
Then on Saturday Olivia and Gavin came to hang out for the morning.

I had the inspired idea to put on the current Kindermusik CD really loud and we had a dancing/instrument playing session. I think everyone really enjoyed it :)

And these pictures of Sam and Rachel just make me laugh!

Later that afternoon Sam didn't nap, but he did put on quite the intricate puppet show. Yes, he has a puppet on each hand AND foot! Ha ha ha!

So those are just a few things from the past week or so that I'd like to remember that I didn't have a chance to blog about. Fun times with fun people!

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