Thursday, March 15, 2012

11:30pm Is Better Than 4am (I Guess)

This was our activity at 11:30pm last night. Sitting outside with Miss Rachel (can you see her?) because she has croup. sigh. She is a lot sicker than Sam was -- higher temperature and more uncomfortable. All made worse because she doesn't understand what is going on. So needless to say, not much sleep happened in our house last night. For Dave, Rachel and I anyway. Sam slept just fine.

Sam has been doing really well today considering Miss Rachel just wants to be held and I am pretty much ignoring him. His lunch was chickpeas and cottage cheese and crackers. Where do I sign up for "Mom of the Year" because with a lunch like that I probably deserve it! Ha ha ha!
On the bright side, the kitchen window is open and Sam is smiling like this in the above picture because "I need to hold the cracker on my mouth so I can only smile with one lip!" Okay, thanks Sam! At least I'm laughing a little bit today.

Hopefully tomorrow life will be returning to normal a little more. Hopefully...

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