Friday, March 23, 2012

Smirky Rachel

So last year around this time I took Sam to the University of Alberta for observation by second year medical students. I guess their profs want them to see normal kids so they can observe normal development. I took both kids this year and the focus was more on Rachel than Sam. That was a little hard for Sam who had some "being ignored issues" but I managed to smooth them out with the promise of a treat -- a cinnamon raisin bagel from Tim Horton's.

I love how Rachel is kind of smirking in this next picture. It's like she knew it was all about her for once :)

Rachel did really well with all the people, Sam did fairly well (especially after the promise of the bagel) and I was just really tired by the end.

This afternoon I got nothing done but Sam also didn't nap so I feel like I was a little justified. Plus it snowed A TON! This evening Twiebe came over and Dave and I finally got to watch:

(image from here)
It was very different from the book but I'm glad I've seen the whole series now.

I'm tired. There is a lot of snow. Our house is a little chaotic. And Twiebe put both Sam and Miss Rachel down for bed. Too bad we can't take her to Ontario with us :( And I'm off to bed soon. Good night.

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