Sunday, March 04, 2012

A Tour of Our House -- Updated

So in November of 2007 I posted this tour of our house. I was reading through some of our archives the other day and wanted to post an updated tour of the house. So here are some pictures from November 2007 as compared to pictures in March 2012. (I wanted to post these pictures side by side but I don't have the original pictures on my computer so I had to copy them from the original post and then I couldn't format them at all. Sorry.)

This was the outside of our house in 2007:
This was the outside of our house yesterday:

If you look closely you can see Sam in the bottom right of the big front window. Even our car is different than it was in 2007!

This was our front entry then:
This is our front entry now:

We have more jackets and shoes and some awesome shelves to store things on. We also have diaper bags :)

This was our living room then:
Our living room today:

The biggest additions are the piano (blocking a lot of the view!) and the carseat.

The view to the kitchen then:
The view to the kitchen today:

Again, note the piano and how, because of having kids, we now need to hang more things on the walls -- cards, a whiteboard and a bulletin board.

This picture shows some of the biggest changes:
And today:

Instead of looking towards the office with Dave working, you are looking towards Sam room with him not napping! Also you can tell that we have A LOT of toys on the shelf and the white organizer to the left of the shelf is our "office" now!

That's all for today. Tune in tomorrow for more...

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