Saturday, March 03, 2012

Fun After Gymnastics

So yesterday after gymnastics Jenelle asked if we wanted to go have lunch at IKEA with them. We said yes, and so did Sheri and her boys. It was a fun time with a few unexpected moments. Like when Sam threw up :( I think he just had eaten too much and didn't really like the pasta. But still...

And Rachel had her first restaurant meal out! I didn't anticipate being out for lunch so she got a jar of baby food from the IKEA cafe. Yum yum yum!

Sam was very excited to see his potential "big boy bed" and made himself quite at home.

He also enjoyed playing with Naden and Kelsey, especially in the spinning-egg-chair (my name for it!). (I was going to include a video here but I am having trouble uploading it. sigh...)

And Rachel enjoyed hanging out with Tevan, Megan and Auntie Sheri, who had her hands more than full!

As we were getting ready to go Sam was being recalcitrant about getting in the cart so Jenelle asked if he would like to ride with Kelsey. And then of course Naden wanted to join them! Jenelle was awesome about giving them a GREAT ride through IKEA, even as the crocodiles were trying to get them. I was just laughing at Jenelle's energy!

And Tevan, Megan and Rachel enjoyed their more...sedate...cart rides :)

It was a very fun afternoon!

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