Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Tour of Our House -- Updated: Part 3

So this the last of the "How Our House Has Changed Tour." Almost!

This was our bedroom in 2007:
And this is a similar view a few days ago. Ironically, in both pictures there is laundry on the bed to be put away. Just a lot more of it in the present:

In 2007 this was mostly a picture of our clothes storage: Now the picture is of Rachel's half of our room:

Even the stairs to our basement have changed:
My dad put up the rail, and the rug was added this past summer:

And a picture of the door in 2007 would have been just a plain white door, but today it is the place to hang Sam's artwork!

One thing Dave and I both noticed is just how much more stuff we have now. I guess having kids will do that to you! As we start to pack up, in preparation for moving, we will take pictures of our slowly emptying house. Just so we can remember how much space we created for ourselves! Ha ha ha!

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