Friday, March 09, 2012

So Many Details...

So today has been a crazy day filled with lots to do and even more decisions to make. Wow, does moving take a lot of energy. And we haven't really done any of the physical work. Yet.

So today...

-- I remembered that I forgot to tell the two people who were here yesterday about our all-season tires stored in the shed that need to be moved. Ooops :(
-- We talked with our landlords about any furniture they might want, if we can use their spare car in April, how to switch over utilities and other miscellaneous details.
-- We now need to make a decision about a bed for Sam -- buy a new one (likely from IKEA) or take their son's which would last a little longer. Sam knows what HIS decision is and it's not the (potentially) cheaper option!
-- We realized that we need somewhere to stay in Edmonton at the end of our time here for some unspecified amount of time (leave our current house before Dave's exam or the last day possible???)
-- Rachel was fussy all day. Is she getting more teeth?
-- Sam went down for nap and night well (ie didn't leave his bed) and made Rachel laugh. A lot.
-- I woke up early to bake fresh coffee cake for my mom's group and then only one other person ate a piece. sigh.
-- I got to the bakery and the man in front of me had just bought the last loaf of whole-wheat toast bread. Which is the kind we always buy. So I had to buy white bread. sigh again.
-- I got Sam's teeth brushed before supper which was a good thing because right before supper he used both his AND Rachel's toothbrush to "paint" the rubber sink stopper with my Bath and Body Works soap. double sigh.
-- I did a whole lotta dishes and folded a whole lotta laundry. Now to get it put away.
-- I forgot to pull out lunch for Rachel to thaw so she ate cream of carrot cheddar soup mixed with sweet potatoes for lunch. Yes, I know, very well rounded.
-- Both kids got to bed AFTER 10pm. triple sigh...

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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