Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Tour of Our House -- Updated: The Basement

So here is the final version of how our house has changed.

This one focuses on the basement. In 2007 I only took a picture of the guestroom:
And here is a picture of the guestroom in 2009, right before Sam was born. We had gotten a new futon and a desk for Dave to work at:
And this is our guestroom/workspace now:

And just for interest here are a few more pictures of the basement. Mostly I'm posting these because in the past week Dave and I have gone through EVERYTHING in the entire basement and gotten rid of two carloads of stuff to send to Valu Village. It's amazing how much we've accumulated over the past five years. And now that this is done we can back to having more "normal" dates!

And just for interest's sake, my parents got Dave a Word-of-the-Day calendar for Christmas this past year and today's word was very appropriate for our accomplishments today:
Ha ha ha ha ha!!!

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