Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Week in the Life -- Wednesday

This morning I meant to wake up at 7:30 but I hit snooze a bunch and actually woke up at 8:22 when Rachel wanted to nurse. She only fell asleep at 12:15 last night so I think that's why I was so tired this morning. I checked computer stuff and Dave made Sam's oatmeal. Dave woke Sam up at 9 and got him going on breakfast because Olivia was coming this morning

We wanted to enroll Sam in nursery school this fall and, for a couple of reasons, it didn't work out so Marcia and I have been trading toddlers about once a week on Wednesdays. It's nice to have part of a day to ourselves and the kids play really well together so it has worked out to be really good.

Marcia called around 9:10 to say she was bringing Olivia by about 10:15 or so. I showered and Rachel woke up around 9:50. I nursed her and turned on iTunes for the first time today around 10. I cleaned Sam up from breakfast and got him dressed.

Olivia arrived around 10:15. I asked Marcia to pick up Veggie Straws for me since she was going to Costco. Yay! Reciprocal Costco shopping in effect :) Sam and Olivia started playing -- a process which didn't need much supervision for the next hour or so.

By 10:25 my pot of tea was steeping and I had started breakfast and rearranged the pictures on the fridge. It was exciting times around here, I tell ya!
At 10:35 Sam had a poopy diaper and demonstrated his "climbing on the change table by myself" skills. I didn't realize he could do that until earlier this week. I'd eaten most of my yogurt and decided the tea had steeped enough! Good thing I only made enough for two cups as opposed to a full pot. Rachel had been hanging out in her bouncy seat for about 45 minutes and I figured she'd probably had enough by then. I tried to nurse her but she was too intrigued by Sam and Olivia who were playing in the kitchen so I put her in the swing. Dave called so I looked up some financial information and intervened in a sharing issue between Sam and Olivia.
By 11:00 I'd finally finished breakfast (a container of yogurt and a bowl of Cheerios) and was drinking a cup of tea. I wanted to see if Rachel would nurse any better and get her dressed. Rachel nursed well, and liked being naked (with a diaper) so I put her on our bed and went to do laundry. However, Rachel rolled over on the bed before I left the room so I stuck her in her Moses Basket to play with a blanket. Sam and Olivia wanted the house out so I pulled it out for them to play with. That thing is HUGE but provides hours of entertainment. Yay!

And yes, there are a lot of pictures of Rachel in her Moses Basket but I think she's going to grow out of it soon and she looked super cute today! She was so happy playing in there.
By 11:28 my first cup of tea was done and I started dishes. Sam and Olivia had a snack of apple slices and fish crackers around 11:40 and Rachel started to fuss from her Moses Basket. I got Rachel dressed and had nursed her almost to sleep when I heard a toddler fall off their chair. It was Olivia :( I put Rachel on our bed, crying, and comforted Olivia. When she was calm I got back to nursing Rachel and she fell asleep by 12:00.
Sam and Olivia played, I switched over laundry and continued on with dishes. And changed a pull-up. This reminded me that we need to figure out when to potty train Sam. I think he's ready -- we're just lazy! Dishes were done by 12:30 and I got my second cup of tea. It needed to be heated in the microwave because it was cold. sigh. I went through Sam's clothes to give some smaller ones to Marcia for Gavin and at 12:51 Olivia accidentally bonked Sam in the head with the ukelele and his crying woke up Rachel. double sigh :) I cleaned up most of the kitchen and Sam's room and decided to leave the living room for later.

By 1:10 Sam and Olivia were eating lunch and Rachel was in the swing.

At 1:19 I decided to eat lunch too. I had a piece of quiche, like yesterday. However at 1:21 Sam declared he was done lunch having eaten mostly Parmesan cheese. sigh. So I cleaned him up. At 1:32 Rachel was nursing, Sam was playing, Olivia was eating seconds and I had half a piece of quiche to go. And I discovered that the vibration on the bouncy seat had been on since about 10:15 this morning. blah...

By 1:38 Olivia was done with her seconds (she had about two bites) and she decided she needed to go pee on the potty. She didn't pee but Sam and I sat in the bathroom with her for about four minutes so it was a valiant effort. The kids played in the living room and I finished my last few bites of cold quiche. I cleaned a few trouble spots in the kitchen -- swept the floor, wiped the shelves above the oven and vacuumed construction crud out of the windowsill. Then I attempted to nurse Rachel in the living room while Sam and Olivia played.

Marcia picked Olivia up at 2:00 and brought Veggie Straws! Yay! She also took the Rubbermaid of clothes for Gavin so that was more stuff out of the house. Double Yay!! I put Sam down for nap at 2:13 after a few minutes of Sam reading to himself while I rocked him. He didn't want lullabies today. He likes to mess with his sleep routine and I don't really care all that much. Thankfully today was a a longer nap time then the past few days.

I switched over laundry and then nursed Rachel since she didn't nurse well before. She was very very very distracted by Sam and Olivia playing. Rachel fell asleep as I nursed her. And finally at 2:45 I got some time to myself. ahhhhh. I drank a Coke and started going through pictures to decide what to print while listening to iTunes. Pure bliss!

Or not. By 3:00 Rachel was awake. And crying in her Moses basket. So I brought her into the kitchen and she played in her bouncy seat and I sorted pictures. Rachel moved to her play mat at 3:25 or so. Fortunately she wasn't very fussy during this time.
At 3:55 she freaked out so I nursed her to sleep by 4:15. Then I woke Sam up and he ate Veggie Straws. I did a few household chores (refilling containers, dealing with old vegetables, etc) and responded to a mean comment left on a comment I made on a blog. I tried to be gracious. We'll see if the commenter responds in kind. Or at all.

At 4:43 Rachel woke up complaining, and I almost screamed. She hadn't slept well today. I ignored her hoping she'd go back to sleep and by 4:49 it appeared to have worked. Yay! Sam was playing in the living room which still hadn't been cleaned up and I continued with household chores. It was exciting times.

At 5:04 Daddy/Dave came home!!! Sam and Dave hung out while I continued to sort pictures for printing. At 5:30 I started to make supper, Sam and Dave were doing an e-mail, Rachel woke up, and Dave and Sam started cleaning up the living room.
At 5:50 I nursed Rachel and Dave and Sam started the labeling e-mail. Sam really got into it as you can see below. The labeling continued until he went to bed. He LOVED it!

At 6:20 it was time to eat! We had sweet and sour lentils tonight which is a recipe from Karen and Andrew. Sam ate a good amount which was great!
6:50pm: It's bath night. It was time to get Rachel started on her bath but first we took some silly pictures. I was amusing Rachel by flipping my hair and Dave thought it should be photographed for posterity :) She was laughing pretty hard at me.

I'm so glad Rachel loves her bath time. It makes life so much easier.
Rachel was done her bath by 7:15pm and nursing. I read a little bit of my book while nursing Rachel. I figure if I'm going to be nursing anyway I can also read. Sam played with his letters on the fridge and pointed out "'R' for Rachel!"

Sam was in the bath by 7:42. The labeling continued and the bath tub was even labeled! I folded laundry and Rachel hung out with Dave! Then Sam's bath was over and I put laundry away with Sam.

By 8:25pm Dave was reading Sam stories with Rachel and I had put on my pjs and was uploading pictures for this post. I realized Rachel had hardly slept today. Maybe she'll catch up tonight...? I nursed her and she fell asleep by about 8:45.
At 9:00 Rachel was asleep after a long nurse, Sam was in bed and quiet and I had a chance to write this blog post. And hopefully I'll get to bed earlier than I did last night. I'm just going to read a bit and have a snack of nachos. And that was my day today. Tune in tomorrow to see what kind of an evening/night Miss Rachel gave us. Ha ha ha!

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