Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rachel and the Hedricks: Part 2

On Tuesday Rachel and I just hung out with the Hedricks all day. I walked Willem to school in the morning because Tim and Janice had to meet with someone. Rachel had woken up while I was gone but she was quite content hanging out wit Tim and Janice. (And I don't have any pictures of Tim or Janice with Rachel but they do so I will get them eventually.)

Have I mentioned already how much Rachel LOVED Willem and Tessa?!?!? She just watched them and cried when they left her line of sight. It was very cute. Actually, since we've been home she's been quite fussy and I wonder if it's because she's been missing Waterloo. It could also be teething, which is probably more likely but still...

Tessa was so good about watching Rachel on her bed while I showered or tried to get things done quickly. And Willem was so intriguing that she just wanted to look at him. (That's why she's arching her back in the one picture above!)

Anyways, it was too short a trip and I can't wait until Sam and Dave can hang out with all of us as well. If they had been along on this Ontario trip it would have been closer to perfect. As it was I had an awesome time, Rachel seemed to have an awesome time and it was so so so good to visit with everyone. And a special shout out to the Hedricks, who once again, provided me with a home away from home. Soon, soon, soon we'll be moving back to KW and I. Can't. WAIT!!!

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