Friday, November 25, 2011

Kindermusik Farewell :(

So our Kindermusik studio, where I've been taking Sam for the last two years, is closing through no fault of their own.

Sam has been doing Kindermusik with Miss Sulya every Friday morning since he was six months old. This is a very sad day for me.

And this fall Olivia and Saige started in Sam's class as well. Our Friday mornings were sooooo much fun! Elena and I would walk with the kids and it was just a blast!

Skylar, Rachel and Gavin would hang out at the back of the room in their car seats and us moms and toddlers would sing, dance around and have a good time.

I cried so much this morning as the class was ending because I just can't imagine life without Miss Sulya and Kidsnotes. We will miss you more than we can ever explain. Thank you for everything you've done for Sam. And would have done for Rachel.

These are pictures of Sam and Miss Sulya from December 2010.

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