Friday, November 11, 2011

Week in the Life -- Thursday

7:00am: I woke up and checked computer stuff and then I started making coffee cake for MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers -- a weekly mom's group I go to where Sam is in childcare so it's more of an adult time for moms). I ran out of baking powder, and after a few other options didn't pan out (make my own, substitute, Wild Earth, Macs, etc), Dave ran to Save-On. I made Sam's oatmeal.

7:35am: I woke Sam up and got him started on breakfast. I mixed up the rest of the coffee cake and made coffee for Dave

7:53am: Dave got back with baking powder and the cake went in the oven at 7:56. Whew...
8:00am: I ate a yogurt for breakfast thinking I would eat more food at MOPS. I got dressed and Dave dealt with Sam. I woke up Rachel, nursed her, and got her and myself dressed.

8:30am: I left for MOPS. On the way to MOPS Sam wanted to do the e-mail about Traffic Signs. I modified it to make it about actual traffic signals as we drive and Sam is really getting into it. I helped set up snack and we had a great devotional about overextending ourselves as moms. We did a craft today -- making a "Remember" box -- we'll put index cards in it and then when our kids do something new or say something funny or profound we can write it on the cards and we'll be able to remember them. I also helped clean up snack.

11:30am: I left MOPS, called Dave to find out about the phone interview he had this morning and then filled up with gas at Canadian Tire. Rachel fell asleep on way home.

12:05pm: We got home and I got Sam started on lunch. I also got lunch started for me, but a minor adjustment of Rachel's head in the car seat because she was very slumped ended up waking her. Darn :( I changed Rachel and nursed her while trying to eat a bit

12:30pm: Rachel was in her bouncy seat, Sam only wanted to eat my cauliflower (but not his lunch) and I tried to eat my lunch and check computer stuff at the same time. My lunch was cold so I re-microwaved it.

12:50pm: I started dishes while still trying to convince Sam to eat. He wanted to play with Rachel instead.
1:25pm: Rachel was fussing and I'd done a good chunk of the dishes and fed Sam so it was time to nurse Rachel. 1:35pm: Rachel was asleep and it was time for Sam to go for nap. I figured it might take awhile but I had no idea... They were taking down a tree across the street so Sam and I watched; I pulled him away while they were still cleaning up at 2:15 and he FREAKED. His freaking woke up Rachel. So Sam was crying in his crib and Rachel was crying in hers. Aaaaarrrrggggggghhhhh :()

2:25pm: After consulting with Dave (tomorrow is a holiday after all) I brought Sam out of his crib to watch the rest of the tree clean up process. If I put him down for a late nap and he slept until 5 it wouldn't matter because he doesn't have to be awake by a certain time tomorrow. Hopefully if he gets to bed later he will sleep in and then we can all sleep in. If I'd known that I would have just kept him up and maybe Rachel would have still been sleeping. Ha! However, I had given Rachel her soother and she did drift back off to sleep without fussing. Yay yay yay!!!

2:50pm: The tree trimmers started taking branches off another tree but I convinced Sam to go to sleep anyways. He did just fine and went down without a fuss. Then it was time for afternoon Coke and more sorting of pictures to print (same as yesterday) I also ate a piece of coffeecake since 1)I was hungry and 2) I didn't get a piece at MOPS.

4:10pm: I talked to Marcia about a clothing donation for a mom MOPS is helping and I called Galaxyland to find out information about tomorrow. We're thinking of taking Sam and Rachel on rides since they are free. I'm almost done picking pictures to print. I was waiting for Dave to get home and I hadn't heard a thing from Sam since I put him down.

4:20pm: Dave got home and we talked a bit. I woke Rachel up at 4:40 and nursed her. Then I read a few chapters of my book. Dave changed Rachel and woke up Sam. Sam had crazy hair! Rachel hung out on her play mat, Sam and Dave played with balls and a "slide" and I did another round of dishes. And everyone had some Veggie Straws.
5:40pm: I started microwaving dinner. We all had different things because we had too many leftovers in our fridge. I didn't take a picture tonight because it was just leftovers :) Rachel sat in her swing during dinner. Around 6 she started completely freaking out. She was screaming and squirming and we figured it was either teeth or gas. At 6:10 we gave her a dose of Advil because she just seemed so uncomfortable. Fifteen minutes later she was happy in her bouncy seat, gurgling away. During this time I also uploaded pictures from our day to the computer and talked to my Grandma Krahn who was calling to thank us for the pictures we sent her. Dave brushed Sam's teeth.
6:30pm: As an evening activity, Dave and Sam headed to campus on the bus. I cleaned the tub with the Magic Eraser. It worked scarily well including removing a stain which had been there since we moved in. It made me wonder what was in that thing??? I nursed Rachel and Dave called at 7 for me to come and pick up him and Sam.

7:00pm: Rachel and I headed out the door to get Sam and Dave on campus. We then went to SuperStore to buy winter boots for Sam and creamer for MOPS. Mission accomplished, and much as I wanted to, we didn't buy anything extra. Yay! Sam kept finding cute things for Rachel as evidenced below.
8:15pm: We got home and Sam and I checked out the stump of the tree from earlier today. We all changed into pajamas; I nursed Rachel and made dip; Sam did his chore of putting Coke in the fridge; we had a family tickling session; Dave changed the lightbulb in the kitchen and Sam ate a yogurt. I had also bought chips at SuperStore and Sam wanted some so I gave him four. Sam ran back and forth between the living room and kitchen to get a chip and then put a Coke in the fridge. Then he repeated the cycle. It was super cute!
9:00pm: Sam and Dave played computer games; I made iced tea and worked on this blog post; and Rachel hung out in her bouncy seat.

10:10pm: Sam is in bed, I have written this blog post, and Rachel is talking away in the Moses basket. Tomorrow is another busy day so I am headed to bed soon. Good night.

One thing I forgot to add is that normally on Thursdays Dave and I have a date night and Twiebe comes to take care of Sam. We either eat supper together and then Dave, Rachel and I do something or, once in awhile, we head out for supper for our date. However, Twiebe was in England this week so we didn't have a date. But that's normally part of our routine.

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