Saturday, November 05, 2011

New Mom's Hallowe'en Party: Part 2 A Continental Date

Okay, this post was supposed to be about New Mom's Hallowe'en:Part 2 which was during our regular Tuesday playdate and it was going to be at Marcia's but I woke up feeling like crap on Tuesday so we all stayed home and had a lazy pajama day. Yay for pajama days. Boo for feeling like crap.

So instead I'm going to write about the date at Continental Treat Dave, Rachel and I had on Thursday night.

Since Continental Treat is a restaurant with white tablecloths we decided to dress up a little bit. I even curled my hair which happens about once every two years!

We started our meal with escargots in a mushroom sauce. They. Were. AMAZING! So so so good. And the sauce was so rich. I forgot to get a picture before we ate all the escargots but this is a picture of the sauce. Did I mention how good it was???

I had "Funghi with Spaetzle" and Dave had Veal Schnitzel. Both meals came with vinegary cucumbers, carrots and cabbage. I LOVED the cucumbers and didn't like the cabbage. Dave even gave me the rest of his cucumbers. My meal was very rich and I had the leftovers yesterday for lunch. Dave ate everything on his plate except the cucumbers. He gave them to me, remember!

Miss Rachel slept in her stroller for a good chunk of time and then hung out with Dave and I. I love this picture of her next to the beer thing. She is the same size as it! Dave calls this picture "The Princess of Babies next to The King of Beers!"

This picture does not give you a good idea of the ambiance -- very quiet with classical music playing softly in the background and dim lighting -- but it does show the three of us with our food.

And when Miss Rachel wasn't in her stroller she hung out with either Dave or I.

It was a lovely evening and my only regret is that we didn't have room for dessert. This just means we'll have to back sometime to check out their desserts because, man! Did they ever look awesome!!!

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