Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I LOVE "Continuous Shooting" Mode

In fact, I probably LOVE it a little too much. What do you think?!?! (And just in case you were wondering, there are 78 (!!!) pictures in these two series alone. Wow, blogging gets a lot more difficult when you have so many great pictures! Which all look the same -- ha ha ha!!!)

Rachel: Post-Bath
 Rachel: Hat Model


  1. Fun pictures!! And yes...continuous shooting is how people end up with a zillion pictures every month!! I don't usually use it because it overwhelms me, haha.

  2. Yes, continuous shooting mode is a great way to catch kids in action, but it does give you a lot of shots to choose from. That's why I have to narrow down the shots I want to use on the blog and for printing. Printing all the pictures I take would just get ridiculous. And yes, you'll definitely probably have to learn the art of "shrinking" down your pictures before uploading or you will quickly fill up any online storage space. :-)

  3. Jealous of your new camera!!! It is so hard to get good pictures of kids looking! Hope you are feeling better...we have been sick here too...how many days until spring?? :)

    1. I've really been enjoying our new camera. It will be even better when I know how to use it properly. My pictures thus far have just been blind luck!

      And I think it's 84 days until the first day of Spring. (In other words, way too long!) I haven't lived out here in five years so I forget when Spring weather hits. sigh...


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