Friday, January 18, 2013

Nineteen Months

Rachel you are nineteen months old!

I'm sorry I missed writing your 18-month post. I was sick and then we were into Christmas so I just didn't get around to it. So some of these changes have happened in the past two months.

I don't know how much you weigh or how tall you are. You wear a size three diaper and 18 or 18-24 month clothes. It is just crazy to me how fast you are going through clothes. I am glad you are getting bigger but can you slow down just a little bit. Thank you.
You still go to bed around 8 or 8:30 and you have a good afternoon nap. On Wednesday night you woke up in the middle of the night and came to our bed but that rarely happens anymore. You are too wriggly for one thing! You are drinking about 4-6 oz of milk a night. If we give you 8 oz you often wake up really wet, even with the night diapers. You cuddle Funny Bunny and Funky Monkey (your Channukah gift) and go to sleep listening to the Kindermusik CD. You have your owl pillow from Oma and Opa in your bed and sometimes it's hard to find you among everything!
You still eat two yogurts and Cheerios for breakfast. You are a pretty good eater most of the time and have really wanted to try eating with a spoon by yourself this month. That is a messy adventure! You started getting your own Cheerios out of the pantry, something Mommy isn't so happy with. You also stand at the fridge and yell and then when we open it, you take out your water on your own. You've learned the sign for "more" so you don't yell at the table as much, something both Mommy and Daddy are really happy with.
You still don't talk. We think you might say your friend, Eli's, name. You also might say, "Wa-wa" for "water" but there isn't consistency. You sure communicate though :) People ALWAYS know what you want. You love waving "bye bye" and wave until the person you're waving at, waves back. You are starting to blow kisses again. And you don't freak out at all when we leave you which is AWESOME!!!
You still have temper tantrums. When you don't get your way, you straighten up, look at the floor, clench your fists and yell and vibrate. You are also good at bursting into tears on demand. You've had quite a few timeouts lately for hitting, especially Sam. Although a couple of days ago you smacked your friend Nathan across the head. We are working on this one. sigh.
You have started to express opinions about clothes, mostly grabbing them to you and hugging them and getting mad if someone tries to take them away. Daddy is a little worried about how much you will want to buy when you get old enough. I think it's really funny how you hug some outfits like they're stuffed animals :)
You and Sam still play pretty well together although there are definitely more fights as your stubborn personality begins to emerge. Mostly though you guys are amazing together. You especially like holding hands and running around.
You are getting into so much mischief these days. You have grown taller and nowhere is safe. You pull the papers off Mommy's desk and the plastic organizer, you pull things out of the kitchen cupboards, and you pull open the drawers of the plastic organizer. Last week you pulled apart one of Daddy's hard drives. Thankfully he said it was an old one. You are exhausting Mommy these days with your curiosity and your reach.
(I love this picture so much. It makes me laugh so hard.
It looks like you are doing a karate kick but you are
really just trying to get your foot on the table.)
We love you soooooo much Miss Rachel! You are a fun, independent, stubborn, happy little girl and you make all of our days so much brighter. Here you are at nineteen months and, last January, at seven months!

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  1. Aww, Miss Rachel is a feisty little thing! She'd give Brody a good lessor or two. Ha! These babies are keeping us on our toes. Brody came in our bed last night too, and I just loved it. He just wanted to cuddle. Our babies are just growing up too fast! :-(


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