Saturday, January 19, 2013

"I'm going on an adventure."

Last night Dave and I had the "adult celebration" of his birthday. (Ooohhhh -- doesn't that just sound risque?!?). We went out for an amazing dinner at Ennio's, a local Italian restaurant. It was delicious. We had escargots with and amazing mustard cream sauce (of which there are no pictures because we ate it too quickly), really good salad and pasta. I had cheese capelleti and Dave had a spicy sausage spinach pasta. I could not finish mine and Dave regretted eating all of his!
We had an excellent server who even took a picture of the two of us with our meals, despite our camera being a little cranky.
Then we went to see The Hobbit. We saw it in 3D so I had to pose beside the picture with my popcorn and drink, wearing my 3D glasses. Then Dave wanted in on the fun and even took a self-photo (which he NEVER does and always gets really irritated when I do it!).

It was a very fun evening and Dave said he felt well celebrated. And thus ends the posts about Dave's birthday. Until next year...!

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  1. You look so cool in your 3D glasses. How did you like the movie? I thought it was very good, but sadly, I haven't read these books so I can't critique it against the book. I am a big fan of all the movies though.


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