Saturday, January 05, 2013

Bowling:Bad, Frozen Yogurt:Good

This year for a Christmas gift we gave Tessa and Willem a coupon for bowling and lunch. Today they got to redeem it. We went to Swiss Chalet for lunch and it was good. Normally I get a veggie burger but after last night's overwhelming burger experience I decided to get fish and veggies instead. It was yummy. Then we went bowling. Willem and Tessa tied to win the first game. I didn't even come close. I was impressed with Tessa and Willem though.
We didn't get to finish the second game which was probably for the best. I was losing that one by a lot too! We got to experience glow in the dark bowling so that was pretty fun. And our one lane had major pin collecting problems so we got free shoe rentals which was nice. (Also it is hard to get a flattering picture of someone bowling as evidenced below! Ha!)
During lunch, Tessa and Willem were telling us about Menchies, a frozen yogurt place. So we decided to visit, after finding out from Tim where it was located. All Tessa and Willem could tell us was that it wasn't too far from their house and there was a Booster Juice and Pizza Pizza located nearby. They were correct about all of that!
Basically Menchies is a do-it-yourself frozen yogurt bar. I had Raspberry Pink Lemonade yogurt after deciding that the Red Velvet Cupcake yogurt tasted too much like a cupcake which was weirding me out! I topped it with Oreo cookies, mini caramel cups, maraschino cherries and chocolate sauce. I decided the combination was a little odd! Next time I'm just gonna stick with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate!
Willem had quite the interesting yogurt (on the left) and Dave had a peanut butter and chocolate theme.
I just enjoyed taking pictures of everyone and everything, once I was done my yogurt. It was fun to hang out with Tessa and Willem without their parents and without our kids. It's a different dynamic just the four of us. And I've known Tessa since she was nine months old and Willem since he was born so it was fun to get to know them as older kids since we haven't really had any time just with them since we've moved back to KW. It was fun to do an experience as a Christmas gift and now we have to figure out what we're going to do next year. I know I'm not going to suggest bowling again :)


  1. Yeah, I always stink at bowling so I don't like to play. Evan loves it though so he had a bowling birthday party this year. He got the highest score out of all like 20 kids there. He didn't even care about that either. That's what I really love about him...he just wants to have fun. Your frozen yogurt toppings sound like Evan's...very interesting combinations. Of course, he'd have to add some gummy bears to the mix. I love a frozen yogurt place called Pinkberry (it was one of the first of the craze that uses mostly organic ingredients and toppings). I think I've mentioned my favorite flavor is salted caramel with chocolate shavings on top. They have a good flavor right now called chocolate hazelnut, and you can put nutella on it as a topping. I am not a hazelnut fan, but I love the yogurt. :-)

  2. Menchies is probably my favorite of the self serve frozen yogurt places. I tend to always go overboard with the toppings, but even so I'm always surprised by how inexpensive it is. I think because I don't get as I would if it was served to me, and even though I make a smaller portion, it still is more than fulfilling.


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