Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's Christmastime! (Or It Was Awhile Back)

I'm sorry this post is coming later than I had intended it but I'm glad I'm getting to it now. This Christmas was tough for me because I was sick and my parents were visiting and I just wanted to enjoy everything and I felt so awful. Despite that we had a pretty good Christmas Day, although, as you can see from the pictures, Sam, Rachel and I stayed in our pjs the ENTIRE day! So sit back, prepare for picture overload and see how we spent the day.

Sam got an electric train set from my parents and Rachel was also quite interested.
Rachel and Sam were both excited about unwrapping presents. Rachel, especially, had never really unwrapped stuff before. By the end of the morning she was a pro!
 My parents gave Rachel an owl pillow from my cousin's business. Rachel loved it and sleeps with it in her crib every night. I love the picture of her hugging it sooooo much. Awww.
Sam's big present from us was a recycling truck which he knew he was getting (we're not big into Christmas surprises) but which he didn't actually get until Christmas morning. He literally played with this, or the iPad mini, for the rest of the day. He still loves it so it was a great gift for him.
Sam got a Spiderman mask from Uncle Jason and Auntie Erin but Opa and Rachel had fun trying it on too!
 Oma read Sam one of his new books and Rachel kept hugging her owl!
Opa set up Sam's trainset downstairs and they stayed down there for awhile having fun making it go forwards and backwards.
We lit the Christ candle on both of our Advent wreaths. I was so glad we could do these this Advent season and am looking forward to doing them again next year.
Dave made a brunch of waffles with fruit and whipped cream. Yum yum yum. And I loved my Christmas flowers.
Sam and Rachel got to lick the whipped cream beaters. Licking beaters was always a special treat when I was a kid.
My parents gave us an iPad mini for Christmas and it was fun for the whole family!

Rachel loved snuggling with Oma and her new doll and laughing with Opa and her owl pillow. Oma rocked Rachel to sleep for almost every naptime and nighttime she was here for and Rachel got very spoiled! But what are Omas for, right?

Still in our pjs at the end of the day.
And Sam was STILL playing with his recycling truck that evening before bed.

And that is how we spent our Christmas this year.

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  1. Seriously, I am so jealous of your kids' Oma and Opa. They just seem like the perfect and loving and ready to spoil the grandkids rotten. I wish my parents could be more like them, but they are always so wrapped up in their own sicknesses and ailments that they can't appreciate the special times with the kids. It is very frustrating and disappointing because I feel like my kids are missing out on something really special. Is that big truck made by Bruder? I had seen some at a friend's house, and Brody loved them so I told my sis-in-law she could get one for Brody for Christmas. He loves his which is a dump truck. He pushes that thing all over the house. Yet again, he and Rachel are so much alike. He seemed to just get opening presents this year. I wished I had wrapped more of his Santa gifts for Christmas morning because he seemed to really like tearing the paper off. Anyway, glad you all had a wonderful Christmas despite feeling yucky! :-)


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