Sunday, January 27, 2013

Scenes From A Snowy Saturday

We're back from retreating with our church in the Winter. Yesterday was beautiful as the snow fell and I sat in the dining hall and drank half coffee-half hot chocolate with real cream to make it really rich. I also got outside and shoveled and walked with Sam and Rachel in the sled, along with Dave and Karen and Nathan down to the pond. Tramping through the deep snow in the quiet of the woods was beautiful. And incredibly hard as we were breaking our own path, more or less! Anyways, in the afternoon Dave was inspired to go outside and take some pictures. Here is what he saw through the camera lens.
The winterized cabin which was our home for the weekend.
The cross at the campfire circle.
We had a wonderful, wintery, weekend getaway.

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  1. I love those winter landscape pictures! Dave really has an eye for great shots! Professional photographer, maybe? ;-)


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