Friday, January 25, 2013

No Time To Post

In about three hours we are heading out for our church's Winter Retreat weekend. Sam and I are excited about it, Rachel has no idea what is about to hit her and Dave is not sure what to expect. Needless to say I'm leaving the laptop at home so I won't be posting tomorrow. And I wish I had something more exciting to write about today. Instead I'm sharing some pictures of the day along with a list of things I still need to, and hope to, accomplish before we go. Wish me luck and say some prayers!
Banana muffins waiting to be baked.
Dishes to be done.
These ones are actually washed but more have piled up.
And the dried ones need to be put away.
It never ends...
List of things to pack as of 9am today.
Things packed as of 9am today.
Along with one suitcase (not shown) for the kids.
Laundry waiting to be done.
The last load is in the washer and
the third load is in the dryer.
Making progress...
Apron, housecoat and pjs (cause it was cold), slippers
and Cheerios on the floor. Someone should do something
about those :)

Accomplished but not pictured:
-- bathed Sam
-- fed everyone lunch and breakfast
-- did some laundry and washed some dishes and did some packing
-- dropped Dave's guitar off so our friends with their HUGE mini-van (compared to our awesome little Matrix) can take it along for us.

Still need to accomplish:
-- wash more dishes
-- find Sam's guy for his excavator
     -- pack said toys
-- fold laundry
-- finish packing
-- clean up garbage and recycling bins (since it was our garbage day today)
-- shovel snow (since it's snowing AGAIN.)
-- get gas in the car
-- pack the car
-- shower (I hope!!!)

See you on Sunday when I hope to share about our whole weekend but in reality will likely be too exhausted and only share a photo or two. We shall see...

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. Hope y'all have fun! And it's hard for me to imagine how cold you have been when I just walked Davis to the park, both of us in t-shirts and shorts... unseasonably warm is an understatement!


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