Friday, January 04, 2013

Choose Your Own Blog Post Title

Do you remember "Choose Your Own Adventure" books? You would get part of a story and then you had to choose what was going to happen. Sometimes your choices led you to be the hero and sometimes the bad guys got away and you ended up living a life of poverty and desolation. Well, Dave and I couldn't agree on a title for this post. He wanted to call it "A Date With 'The Works'" and I wanted to call it "Stuffed Like A Turkey." You get to choose what you want to think of this post as, but either way it continues like this...

Tonight, Dave and I had a date. We went to The Works, an awesome, amazing burger place in Waterloo. I highly encourage you to check out the menu because they have a very comprehensive selection of burgers. They also have light bulb salt and pepper shakers. I took a picture of them because as I was exiting the car I managed to drop the camera on the street and I wanted to make sure it still worked. It does. They also have an appetizer called "Tower of Rings" which Dave and I foolishly ordered. I was stuffed after the rings and I still had the burger to eat.
I ordered the Perimeter Burger (named after Waterloo's Perimeter Institute) which has avocado, feta cheese, sundried tomatoes and beechhouse sauce (a garlic mayo). It was awesome. Dave ordered the Hamburger Mary which came with cheddar cheese, tomato, a fried egg and bacon.
Eating these burgers is a bit of an experience as you can see below!
We first discovered this restaurant in June when Janice suggested it as a place to celebrate my and Tim's 40th birthdays. We were looking forward to going back and it didn't disappoint. I can't wait to go back again and try, yet another, burger. What to choose next time, what to choose??? (Ha! I didn't even realize how nicely that tied in to the beginning of my post! Serendipitous I tell you.) (And I didn't even realize until I linked up the birthday post that I had the exact same burger then. I need to get a little more adventurous I think!)


  1. Ummm...those burgers look/sound deliiiiicious!! I might drive to Canada tomorrow just to get one. Maybe.

  2. That Perimeter burger sounds delicious, and definitely what I would have ordered. I'm a little obsessed with feta, so anytime I see something with it on a menu I tend to order it.


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