Friday, January 11, 2013

Lean On Me!

One of my favourite nights of the month is Sew-Be-It nights. A group of women get together at our church one night a month and work on...whatever. I've sorted pictures, worked on my quilt, fixed minor rips in clothes, sewed on buttons, addressed Christmas cards, etc. In September someone suggested having a fabric exchange so I went through all the fabrics and found some I loved and then posed the question, "What on earth will I DO with this though???" and one of my fellow SBIers said, "Make a reversible dress for Rachel." And I said, "Yeah, right!" And then she said, "I'll help you. It's really easy."

So this past week Melinda e-mailed me and said, "Okay, reversible dress time." I inherited my grandma's sewing machine and so I dragged it up from the basement yesterday to figure out how to use it. And I say "dragged" because that thing is solid steel and REALLY heavy. It turns out that it probably needs to go to the sewing machine doctor and get its physical because it hasn't been used in about two and a half years. So I need to take care of that. My friend Karen offered to bring her sewing machine for me to use tonight though so I was in luck.

So fabric in hand I threw myself on the mercy of the salesperson at the fabric store and said, "I'm making a dress with these two fabrics and I need grosgrain ribbon and thread. What would work best?" She held my hand through all those choices and then I left, thanking her and reassuring her that someone was going to help me sew the dress because I must have seemed so inept. Ha!

Melinda talked me through the dress making, Karen talked me through the sewing machine usage and I. MADE. A. DRESS!!! From start to finish in three hours. Whoooo hoooo!!! AND it's reversible. And it's really cute. And I'm SOOOOOOO tempted to wake up Miss Rachel and try it on her. But I won't. Because I'm an adult and I can wait until morning. Even though it will be REALLY REALLY REALLY hard.

I'm so proud of myself. And so grateful for my friends who totally let me lean on them. I was driving home tonight and this song came on my mix of songs and I was singing it soooo loud and just so thankful for my friends who helped me MAKE. A. DRESS!!! Did you hear that people? I sewed!!!

And yes, I have enough fabric and stuff for a second one, and Karen is going to lend me her sewing machine again so one day soon I will have made TWO reversible dresses for Miss Rachel. Yay!!!!!


  1. Very impressive! And super cute!

  2. That is definitely quite an accomplishment, and I love the dress. Yellow is my favorite color, and it'll look adorable on Rachel. That is one thing I'd love to be able to do if I ever have a girl. :-)

  3. My mom was always a fabulous sewer and every year was able to create our Halloween costumes. Which is why it depresses me a little that I have no idea how to sew. But seeing that you didn't, and yet you were able to make such a cute dress, does give me hope for the future!


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