Thursday, January 17, 2013

31 Flavours For 31 Years!

Today is Dave's birthday. Sadly, we are very busy this evening so won't have time to celebrate. Instead my dear husband will spend time at an Introduction to Kindergarden evening for Sam and then drop me off at church for a meeting, after which he will go home and relax put the kids to bed. So we decided to do our family celebration last night.

First of all I bought Dave "Happy Birthday" flowers. Alstroemerias are a significant flower to us so I brought him some of those.
I also made him his favoured dinner of stroganoff. I use veggie ground round so it is vegetarian. Dave and I LOVE it -- the kids, not so much, especially Sam. Sorry I didn't get a picture of Dave with his plate of food; I just got one of what was leftover.
Then Dave wanted to spend some time at the library. We often head to the library in the evenings for a family outing.
Dave's only request for his birthday was that he wanted to go to Baskin Robbins. After all it's all about the 31 flavours and Dave is 31 today. So we went there after the library. Sadly they don't offer a free treat on a person's 31st birthday but we had a coupon for a free single scoop ice cream and our server divided it up between the two kids with TWO different kinds of ice cream, which I thought was awesome. Sam REALLY didn't want to share his ice cream and he was none the wiser that he got a smaller cone. Also, our server gave Dave 10% off his order as a birthday treat so I thought that was very nice.
Sam is pointing out his Chocolate Chip flavour and Rachel is posing with her Hokey Pokey cup by her sign. Rachel LOVES The Hokey Pokey song but unfortunately the ice cream was caramel and honey and extremely sticky.

A 31 Flavours sundae for 31 years!
This picture of Sam and his cone makes me laugh. He looks pretty thrilled!
The kids really enjoyed licking my cone. In fact it turned into such a big game I got maybe half of my single scoop. Plus whatever germs the kids might have :) I determined that Dave shouldn't have to share his birthday treat so sharing mine was the ultimate sacrifice. Ha ha ha!

Then we came home and Dave gave Rachel a bath. He was also going to give Sam a bath but friends of ours called so I put Rachel and Sam to bed and let Dave talk.

Rachel, Sam and Natasha

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  1. Happy Birthday, Dave! Seems like great men are born in and my husband! :-)


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