Monday, December 31, 2012

Year In Review: 2012

So last year I posted links to some of my favourite posts from the year. I'm going to do it again this year. These are posts which I really like,which remind me of a good day, or are significant in some other way. If you read them, enjoy! And Happy New Years!!!

We got a great new stroller! (with a funny video included)
Dave turned THIRTY!!!

Good times with good friends
An exciting and cool field trip

Sometimes I'm a GREAT mom!
A glimpse of when they're teenagers
A significant farewell

Celebrating Sam's Third Birthday
The Moving Truck Came
Saying Good-bye to Edmonton

Rachel got dedicated
Our New Yard with Flowers!
A fun day off

The post through which a lot of you "met" me
     (and until just last week the most popular post I'd ever written both in page views and comments)
A trip to the farm
Celebrating Forty
Rachel turned one

Sam went to camp
How we spent a lot of the summer
Dr Dave!
Dave celebrated me turning forty

We had a big party
Our trip out East to celebrate my cousin's wedding (link to first post only)

I "illustrated" a book and the author commented on my post! (Squeeeeeeeee!!!)
Fun days out with good friends
I started a (supposedly!) "weekly" series
     I want to be more intentional about this in 2013!
Sam started preschool Yerghks :()
A few reasons why I blog...

We went to New York
I pondered if I was French in my parenting style (link is to first post only)
Rachel started walking!!!
We carved a pumpkin

I blogged an entire week in my life (link is to first post only)
I liked this blog post and you seemed to like it too :)

We celebrated Channukah (link to first night only)
A whole bunch of people checked out our (interfaithfully) decorated house
   and a few other Christmas/holiday blog parties I participated in
I got really sick and stopped blogging

And that's been my year. Thanks for reading along this year and I'm already looking forward to the adventures 2013 will bring.

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