Saturday, December 01, 2012


Tonight we went to the kids' party for Dave's work, Desire2Learn. It was at the arena for the local minor hockey team and we weren't quite sure what to expect. We weren't planning on skating with our kids so we knew that wouldn't be happening. When we arrived, the first thing Sam saw was some games. So he played those for a little bit.

Finally we convinced him that maybe it was time to eat. Each person got two pieces of pizza and a drink. Sam and Rachel only ate one piece each so Dave and I each got three :) They were small pieces in our defense.
Then we decided to pick up the presents for Sam and Rachel. Each kid at the party got a gift. We weren't sure what kinds of gifts they would be but they were pretty awesome! Rachel got a Little People Play and Go Campsite and Sam got a Matchbox Sky Busters Mission Headquarters set. (We can talk about how this pacifist family feels about military-type toys another time. We figured there was no way we were going to be able to take this away from Sam, however. And he thinks it's just an airport.) Rachel carried her set around like a purse and refused to let go of it all night. And Sam has been playing with his for about half an hour now and I can tell convincing him to go to bed is going to be... fun.
Then we visited with Santa Claus. Sam was hesitant and when we put Rachel on Santa's lap she screamed like we had cut her arm off. And you can tell she didn't really calm down! (Side question: Why do we do this to our children? Make them see a person they are completely freaked out by?!)
And if you think Rachel was freaked out by Santa Claus you should have heard her when she encountered The Grinch. Even Sam was unsure about him, which is why The Grinch is pictured by himself. Poor guy.
After visiting Santa Claus we dropped off our toys for the toy drive. Not only did each kid get a present but we were all encouraged to bring gifts for kids in our community. I love it when workplaces encourage giving like that.
After we dropped off our toys for the toy drive, Sam and Dave went to check out the skating while Rachel and I made an ornament. Then Sam came and we made an ornament together. Sadly by the time we got to ornament making the glitter glue was pretty empty so I squeezed it out while Sam told me what colours to use and where they should go.
Then Sam and Rachel got their faces painted. Sam got a Christmas Tree (during which he moved and got a longer black line than the painter anticipated. Sam just piped up, "That means 'No Touching My Tree.'" Ha ha ha!). Rachel got a bunny rabbit face which she immediately proceeded to smear. Ah well.
Then we decided it was time to call it an evening and head home. I convinced the kids to let me get a few more pictures of them with their painted faces (I LOVE how they're holding hands and how Rachel is sitting so ladylike! Ha!)...
...and of them posing with their gifts.
Thanks for a really fun evening D2L! I can't wait for the adult party in a couple of weeks!!!

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  1. Haha! Your post reminds me that I should be studying for exams since we use D2L. Haha! Awesome party. I love that the kids got gifts but also were encouraged to give a gift too. They look so sweet holding hands. Well, I can't really answer your question about the Santa-trauma since I've never had a kid who didn't like Santa. At least, I hope Brody cooperates this year! :-)


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